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chpt 14- dynamics of labour relations

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Indira Somwaru

Chapter 14The Dynamics of Labour RelationsGovernment Regulation of Labour RelationsHighly decentralized systemSpecific laws for different sectorsindustriesworkersThe Industrial Relations Disputes and Investigation ActSpecifies the right of workers to join unionsAllows unions to be certified as bargaining agents by a labour relations boardRequires management to recognize a certified union as the bargaining agent for a group of employeesCanada Labour Relations Board LRB established to administer and enforce the Canada Labour CodeDuties of LRBoAdminister the statutory procedures for transfer acquisition and termination of bargaining rightsoHear complaints related to unfair labour practicesoSupervise strikeslock out votesoDetermine whether bargaining was done in good faithoRemedy violations of collective bargaining legislationLabour Relations ProcessLabour Relations Processlogical sequence of 4 eventsoworkers desire collective representationounion begins organizing campaignocollective negotiations lead to a contractothe contract is administeredWhy Employees Unionizemajority of research comes from the study of bluecollar employees in private sectorthese studies conclude that employees unionize as a result of economic need general dissatisfaction w managerial practices andor as a way to fulfill social and status needsemployees see unionisms as a way to achieve results they cant achieve individuallyUnion shopcondition of the collective agreement that requires employees to join the union as a condition of their employmentEconomic NeedsDissatisfaction with wages benefits and working conditions appears to provide the strongest reason to join a unionDissatisfaction with ManagementEmployees may seek unionizations when they perceive that managerial practices regarding promotion transfer shift assignment or other jobrelated policies are administered in an unfair manner
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