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chpt 6- motivating others

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Indira Somwaru

Chapter 6 Motivating othersy Performance ability x motivation efforty Abilityaptitude x training x resources y MotivationDesire x commitmenty Ability may inhibit good performance for many reasons Have been assessed improperly during screening processes in the pasty 3 danger signals for management positions in terms of ability deterioration 1 Taking refuge in a specialty when they respond to situations not by managing but by retreating to their technical specialty This is when theyre insecure about areas outside their expertisemeasuring ones value to the organization in terms of past 2 Focusing on past performanceperformance or former standards 3 Exaggerating aspects of the leadership role those who lost confidence in their ability tend to be very defensive and so they exaggerate one aspect of their managerial roley 5 principle tools for overcom
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