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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Human Resources Management
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HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

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Page1Employment EquityEmployment equity the employment of individuals in a fair and nonbiased manner o Justice based on the concepts of ethics and fairness and a system of jurisprudence administered by courts o Implementation of employment equity affirmative action has involved establishing policies and practices designed to ensure equitable representation in the workforce and to redress past discriminations o Designated groups women visible minorities Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities who have been disadvantaged in employmentStatus of Designated Groups o High unemployment occupational segregation pay inequities and limited opportunities for career progress o Women concentrated in occupations that are accorded lower statuspay underrepresented as semiprofessionals and technicians oFirst Nations people unemployment rate is more than twice the national average o People with disabilities workforce representation is low at 16 unemployment rate is highest out of the 4 designated groupso Visible minority vary in their labourffoce profiles and in their regional distributionsBenefits of Employment Equity o Contributes to the bottom line by broadening the base of qualified individuals for employment training and promotions o Enhances an organizations ability to attract and keep the bestqualified employees resulting in greater access to a broader base of ski o Enhances employee morale by offering special measure such as flexible work schedules and work sharing o Charter of Rights and Freedoms the Canadian Human Rights Act and pay equity and employment equity acts are the governing pieces of legislation dealing with employment equity Chapter 3 Equity and Diversity In HRM
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