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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Page1Relationship of Job Requirements and HRM functionsjob consists of group of related activities and duties o duties of job should consist of natural units of work that are similarrelated o should be clear and distinct from those of other jobs to minimize misunderstanding and conflict among employeesposition different duties and responsibilities performed by only one employeejob family group of individual jobs with similar characteristicsRecruitmentjob specification statement of needed knowledge skills and abilities of the person who is to perform the job o establish qualifications required of applicants for job opening o serve essential role in recruiting function Selection job description statement of the tasks duties and responsibilities of a job to be performed o pastused as basis for selection sometimes had little relation to duties to be performed under job descriptionTraining and Developmentdiscrepancies between knowledge skills and abilities demonstrated by a jobholder and requirements contained in descriptionspecification for that job provide clues to training needscareer development concerned with preparing employees for advancement to jobs where their capacities can be utilized to fullest extent possibleformal qualification requirements set highlevel jobs indicate how much more training and development are needed for employees to advance those jobs Performance Appraisal may reveal that certain requirements established for a job are not completely validcriteria must be specific and jobrelatedCompensation Managementrelative worth of the job is one of most important factorsbased on what job demands of an employee in terms of skill effort and responsibility as well as conditions and hazards under which work is performedEmployment Lawhaving a job analysis in place can minimize possibilities of legal damages if they are challenged on any HR decisionsChapter 4 HRM notes
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