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Chapter 5

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Human Resources Management
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HRM 2600
Monica Belcourt

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Chapter 5- Expanding the Talent Pool: Recruitment and Careers Recruiting Talent Externally - Outside Sources for Recruitment  Advertisements  has the advantage of reaching a large audience  Disadvantage: unqualified people may apply to the job  Unsolicited Application and Resumes  a research has shown that a candidate who has been treated well by a potential employer will on average tell one other person. On the other hand, a candidate who has been treated poorly(tardy rejection letter) will on average tell 11 or people  Internet Recruiting  approach is cheaper, faster, and potentially more effective  Employee Referrals  Word- of –mouth recommendations are the way most job positions are filled - Several way to increase the effectiveness of employee referral programs  Up the ante  Pay commission fees  Or pay for dinners, all expense- trips, free insurance  Employees will likely focus on people they know in the area  Pay for Performance  some firms save part of the referral bonus until the new hire has stayed for 6 months. This encourages referring employees to help the new hires succeed.  Tailor the Program  Educating employees about the kinds of people the organization wants to hire  Increase visibility  One of the best ways to publicize a referral program is to celebrate success.  Keep the data  Even if the referral doesn’t get the job, keep the resume in case another vacancy arises.  Rethink your taboos  Broaden the search in a tight labour market  Widen the Program  Ask former employees for referrals  Measure Results  Looking at the success of new hires on the job  Executive Search Firms  help employees find the right person for the job  Educational Institutions  Professional Associations  Offers a placement service to members as a benefit  Listings of members seeking employment may be advertised in their journals or published at their national meetings  Ex. HRPA  Labour Unions  Principle source of applicants for blue- collar and some professional jobs  Public Employment Agencies  Individuals who become unemployed must register at one of these offices and be available for “suitable employment” before they can receive their weekly employment insurance cheques.  Match unemployed applicant with job openings, assist employers with employment testing, job analysis, evaluation programs, and community wage surveys.  Private Employment and Temporary Agencies  Charging a fee enables private employment agencies to tailor their services to the specific needs of their clients  If counsellors are paid on a commission basis, their desire to do a professional job may be offset by their desire to earn a commission  Temp agencies are used to fill a position that is temporary. (vacation, sick leave, maternity leave)  The Global Labour Market  Improving the Effectiveness of External Recruitment  To maximize the probability of success managers can calculate yield ratios on recruiting sources, calculating costs of recruitment, training organizational recruiters, and conducting realistic job previews  Yield Ratios  Yield ratio: the percentage of applicants from a recruitment source that make it to the next stage of the selection process  Cost of Recruitment  SC= AC+ AF+ RB + NC H H  SC = source cost  AC = advertising costs, total monthly expenditure (example: $32,000)  AF = agency fees, total for the month (example: $21,000)  RB = referral bonuses, total paid (example: $2,600)  NC = no-cost hires, walk-ins, nonprofit agencies, etc. (example: $0)  H = total hires (example: 119)  Organizational Recruiters  Who does he recruiting in the organization?  Large employers- usually a professional HR recruiter  Smaller organizations- HR generalist  Realistic Job Previews  Realistic Job Previews(RJP): informing applicants about all aspects of the job including both its desirable and undesirable facets  Companies who provide a RJP, there employees are more likely to stay on the job because there will be less surprises Recruiting Talent Internally - Advantages and Limitations of Recruiting From within  Promoting employees rewards them for past performance and its intended to encourage them to contribute their efforts  Gives employees a reason to believe that if they perform similarly, they will be promoted too  Ex. The designated groups as they have encountered difficulties in find employment and have often faced even greater difficulty in advancing within an organization  Capitalizes on past investments (recruiting, selecting, training, and developing) in current employees.  Rewards past performance and encourages continued commitment to the organization.  Signals to employees that similar efforts by them will lead to promotion.  Decreased socialization costs  Accurate record of past performance.  Lower compensation. - Limitations of a promotion-from-within policy:  Current employees may lack the knowledge, experience or skills needed for placement in the vacant/new position.  The hazards of inbreeding of ideas and attitudes (“employee cloning”) increase when no outsiders are considered for hiring.  The organization has exhausted its supply of viable internal candidates and must seek additional employees in the external job market. - Methods for Identifying Qualified Candidates  Inventorying Management Talent  More firms are electronically capturing the qualifications of each of their employees and using this information to identify potential candidates for available jobs EX. Peoplesoft  Skill inventories are an important tool for succession planning  Job Posting and Bidding  Job posting and bidding: posting vacancy notices and maintaining lists of employees looking for upgraded positions  many companies have developed online job posting systems whereby employees looking for upgraded positions can post their names, resumes, and the positions in which they are interested  job bidding is more effective when it is part of a career development program in which employers are made aware of the opportunities available to them within the organization.  Identifying Talent through Performance Appraisal  9- box grid: a comparative diagram that included appraisal and assessment data to allow managers to easily see an employee’s actual and potential performance  Using Assessment Centres  Assessment centre: a process by which individuals are evaluated as they participate in a series of situations that resemble what they might be called on to handle on the job  Use a variety of methods including: In-basket exercise (simulates a problem situation)  Leaderless group discussions(trainees are gathered in a conference setting to discuss an assigned topic, either with or without designated group roles. The participants are given little or no instruction in how to approach the topic nor are they told what decision to reach.  Role playing (involves preparing for and engaging in a customer meeting or a team leader meeting with one’s subordinates  Behavioural interviews (the interviewer asks the participant a series of questions about what he or she would do in particular work circumstances. Developing a Diverse Talent Pool  Recognize Lots of Possibilities  Promotions: a change of assignment to a job at a higher level in the organization  The three p
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