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Chapter 6

HRM 3400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Decision Support System

Human Resources Management
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HRM 3400
Anna Blake

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HRM 3400 Chapter 6 Notes Summary
The finance department has designed reports that allow for reliable revenue
Reports providing Tru-Test top management with important corporate facts, called key
indicators, support high-level decisions that steer the company toward meeting its
Gaining control of its information, collecting it into a centralized database, and mining it
for valuable information depend on Tru-Test’s ailit to eet ad eeed its goals to
maximize profits with a minimum investment.
As shown in the opening vignette, information and decision support are the lifeblood of
toda’s orgaizatios.
Thanks to information and decision support systems, managers and employees can
obtain useful information in real time.
As discussed TPS and ERP systems capture a wealth of data.
When this data is filtered and manipulated, it can provide powerful support for
managers and employees.
The ultimate goal of management information and decision support systems is to help
managers and executives at all levels make better decisions and solve important
The result can be increased revenues, reduced costs, and the realization of corporate
Many companies, for example, are using Internet video sharing and social networking
sites such as YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook to reduce advertising costs.
No matter what type of information and decision support system you use, its primary
goal should be to help you and others become better decision makers and problem
Why Learn About Information and Decision Support Systems?
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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