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Chapter 2

HRM 3400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Dubai Bank, Retail

Human Resources Management
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HRM 3400
Anna Blake

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HRM 3400 Chapter 2 Notes Summary
Wragler’s e site took four oths to deelop ad as copleted o tie ad o
Wrangler has benefited from additional sales provided by its new B2C e-commerce site.
Equally as valuable is the insight the company gains about customer interests and the
platform it provides for Wrangler marketing to experiment with product and brand
Dubai Bank Improves Customer Satisfaction with CRM
Dubai Bank is one of the top Islamic banks based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with
25 branches across the UAE and total assets of AED 14.4 billion.
Banking is a highly competitive business in Dubai, a city of glass-and-steel skyscrapers
and state-of-the-art massive engineering projects, rooted in oil money, and growing in
leaps and bounds.
Banks work hard to win over customers with lavish lobbies, financial incentives, and
impeccable customer service.
As Dubai Bank grew over time, adding services and customers, it became apparent that
the bank needed a way to easily gather customer information.
Dubai Bank customers often had data spread across three separate databasesone for
account information, another for credit card information, and yet another for
investments and loans.
If customers held multiple bank accounts, separate database records were created and
even more information was duplicated.
The complexity of customer information systems caused Dubai Bank agents frustration
in finding information and setting up new accounts.
Even worse was the aggravation it caused valuable customers.
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