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Chapter 1

chapter 1

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Human Resources Management
HRM 3420
Chris Sweeney

9212011 110000 AM Though minor misstatements that were unintentional such as the length of time someone worked somewhere would not be justified as legal dismissal To emphasize honesty in filling out forms and make it legal an employer should include an attestation clause These clauses states that the information is true and that the employee realizes that any false statements would result in dismissal Chpt 3 common law issuesSeneca online reading Chpt 1 pg 538 form of hiring391725 y Agencies are prevented from charging agency employee fees for becoming an assignment helping them find work or for resumeinterview preparationy Agency employees will be eligible for termination and severance entitlements under the ESA even if they are elect to work employeeswork at various places contract bw agency and y Agency employeestempsemployee Employee pays the agency directlyfor entitlements such as vacation and public holiday payAn agent can bind an organization to a contract with customerseven without the organizations knowledge Such as real estatetravelinsurance agents They are still usually categorized as employees and thus are eligible for reasonable notice of termination Look at the defining factors to decide if its conflicting between employees or ICsan employeremployee relationship is very different form a contractorprincipal relationship they were treated very differently in law Advantages of an IC relationship fewer ongoing legal obligations less paperwork and less expensive than the employeeemployer relationshipThese are the obligations employers have to employees but not to independent contractors an independent contractor is a selfemployed worker engaged by a principal to perform specific work not an employee 1 An individual whos incorporated but has a GSTand makes the appropriate tax return is more likely to be seen as an IC contractor y Another type of relationship is that of an agentprincipal
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