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Chapter 3

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Human Resources Management
HRM 3430
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Chapter 3 Environmental Scanning Sources and Methods - Systematic monitoring of trends affecting the organization - Managers are influenced by the culture in which they operate – they are not independent of the environment - Environment: anything outside organizational boundaries - Scanning: an attempt to identify early signals of changes and trends in the environment - Monitoring: a systematic approach to following some key indicators that may affect the organization such as absenteeism rate in the working population due to a certain type of illness - Forecasting: after monitoring a trend, an attempt to project the possible impact of the organization - Assessing: an attempt to describe the impact of the monitored trend on the organization, and make a judgment of the probability of each of several possible outcomes Sources of Info - Publications, professional association, conferences and seminars and professional consultants Publications - HR professional actively scan Canadian newspaper, business publications and HR magazines, journals and newsletters Professional Associations - Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario have committees that actively scan the regulatory scene for upcoming changes Conference and Seminars - Annual conferences Professional Consultants - Organizations that have an active interest in understanding the influence of potential trends often hire consultants to research or interpret these trends for them Methods of Forecasting Trend Analysis – quantitative approach that attempts to forecast future personnel needs based on extrapolates from historical organizational indices Delphi Technique – a process in which the forecasts and judgments of a selected group of experts are solicited and summarized in an attempt to determine the future of employment Impact Analysis – a forecasting method in which past trends are analyzed by a panel of experts who then predict the probability of future events Scenario Planning – a method of creating future scen
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