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Chapter 4

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Human Resources Management
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HRM 3430

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Chapter 4 Job – a grouping of related duties, tasks and behaviours performed by one or more individuals, namely jobholders Positions – the number of individuals who are performing the duties, tasks, and behaviours required by a specific job Job Analysis – the analysis of subdivided, work in the organization, both at the level of the individual job and for the entire flow of the production process Job Specification or Description - The written outcomes (documents) produced by the job analysis process - The job description emphasizes the duties or tasks to be carried out on the job. - Job specifications emphasize identifying the competencies the jobholder must possess to be a successful performer in the specified job - Knowledge: is the body of information, usually of a factual or procedural nature, that allows an individual to perform a take successfully - Skill: the individual’s level of proficiency or competency in performing a specific task - Ability: is a more general, enduring trait or capability an individual possesses at the time when he or she first begins to perform a task - Other Attributes: include work experience Compensable Factors – knowledge and skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions Scientific management – (1) the methods employed (2) the time measurement for task completion Job Analysis and HR Planning - Firstly, the analysis of jobs and work processes ensures that effects of recent change have been incorporated into job descriptions and specifications - Secondly, changes in technological processes lead to certain jobs, programs, and processes becoming redundant over time, while new jobs and work activities develop and expand - Thirdly, business is becoming increasingly global in its scope and operations and work and job analysis procedures help organizational HR planners compare and contrast the degree of similarity or difference between geographically diverse operating units and personnel round the world - Organize work - Differentiate “core” work activities from those that can be outsourced and/or curtailed - Structure the organization, given key strategic business goals Problems with Job Analysis 1. Job Analysis that is neither updated nor reviewed - Job analysis must be reviewed on a regular basis by incumbents, supervisors, HR stags etc to ensure that the written job requirement reflect the reality of contemporary job performance 2. Job description or specification that is too vague - Job analysis is to provide information to allows us to select the individual who meets the job requirement 3. Contamination and Deficiency - Contamination: an error that occurs when unimportant or invalid behaviours or attributes are incorporated into a job description or specification - Deficiency: an error of omission when a job description or specification fails to incorporate important aspects of the job required for success The Process of Job Analysis 1. Determine the Job or Process to Be Analyzed - The degree to which the selected job is central or critical - The availability of job analysts and other resources - The availability of external performance benchmarks for organizational jobs - Benchmarks: external comparators for organizational jobs and performance criteria - National Occupational Classification (NOC): the Canadian government database that contains standardized job descriptions on thousands of jobs - Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT): the US government’s occupational database - Occupational Information Network: the
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