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Chapter 2

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Human Resources Management
HRM 3430
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Chapter 2 Strategic HRM 1) HR Practices – recruitment, selection and appraisal 2) HR Policies – direct and partially constrain the development of specific practices 3) HR Philosophies – specify the values that inform an organization’s policies and practice Resource-based View - Employees who provide superior performance because of their skills or flexibility will enable a company to beat its competitors through superior service or the development of unique products - The less a resource can be imitated the more durable the source of competitive advantage The Behavioural Perspective - HR’s role is to tactfully challenge and refocus baseless ideas of human behaviour - The behaviours necessary to achieve organizational capabilities of innovation, speed and accountability Human Capital Theory - The sum of employee’s knowledge, skills, experience and commitment invested in the organization - Land, capital and labour – resources and inputs used in production of goods and services Strategic HRM - Goal was to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required within broad organizational outcomes such as growth or decline - Analyzing resource supply and demand forecasting - Achievement of organizational strategies The Importance of Strategic HR Planning - Value or HR will be seen in its ability to deliver the behaviours needed to enable the organization’s strategy - 1) employees help and organization achieve success
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