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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Environmental Scanning

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Human Resources Management
HRM 3430
Gordon Qi Wang

Chapter 3 Environmental Scanning – systematic monitoring of trends affecting the organization Environment – anything outside the organization’s boundaries The analysis of the external environment consists of these stages: 1. Scanning: An attempt to identify early signals of changes and trends in the environment. This information is ambiguous, incomplete and unconnected. 2. Monitoring: A systematic approach to following some key indicators that may affect the organization. ● Absenteeism rate in the working population due to a certain type of illness 3. Forecasting: After monitoring a trend, an attempt to project the possible impact on the organization. 4. Assessing: An attempt to describe the impact of the monitored trend on the organization, and make a judgement of the probability of each of several possible outcomes. ● What would the impact of a trend in the increase in health consciousness? ● A food manufacturer might lower the amount of fat and cholesterol in its products. ● An organization, eager to be seen as a best employer, might change the menu in the cafeteria, as well as introduce physical fitness activities on site. Sources of Information: ● Publications  Newspapers, business publications, HR magazines, journals, newsletters ● Professional Associations  HRPA ● Conferences, Seminars and Workshops  Annual conferences held by HR associations ● Professional Consultants  Hire consultants to research or interpret potential trends Economic Factors  Economic climate: unemployment rate, oil price, currency exchange rate, public debt, interest rate, etc.  Globalization – growth in flows of trade and financial capital across borders  Demographics/Labour market: age, gender, family status, education, etc. Political and Legislative Factors  Employment Laws Discrimination (all aspects of HRM) Job design Compensation Termination
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