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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Human Resources Management
HRM 3450
Ron Ophir

Chapter 9+10 Diversity Population: - at younger ages there are more males than females until the ages of 25-64 where there becomes more females than males Education:- in the U.S men have slightly more education than women -1960 78% of advanced degree holders were men (25-29) Participation and earnings: - females represent 51% of the workforce -60% of women work outside the home compared to 73% of men -sex segregation: when members of one sex constitute 70% or more of the incumbents of a job. Is a significant reason for the female/male wage gap -72% of women are inployes in four occumpational groups: administrative support, professional specialty, service workers, executive administrative and managerial positions Gender Role Socialization: is the process when social institutins- families, friends, organizations and the media form and shape expectations of acceptable behaviours for women and men -is a prominent reason for the persistence of sex discrimination, women’s lower wage levels, sex segregation and other une
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