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Chapter 4

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Human Resources Management
HRM 3450
Ron Ophir

Summary of Main PointsHRM3450 Fall 2012 Module 4Bell 2012 Chapter 4 Identity Group BlacksAfrican Americans ContextHistoryPopulationEmploymentExperiences of DiscriminationWomen vs Men in this identity groupBlacks were slaves and many of There are 421 million Blacks in the US Overt discriminationBlack soldiers were accused Like in all other ethnic groups men make them have fought in the American comprising 135 of the population Blacks of theft insubordination and rape and harassment of more money at every educational level Revolution They did not have a right are relatively young 80 of Blacks are under White women Blacks were to sit at the back of the than women do to education in other words they age 50 and 30 are age 18 or younger busses they had separate but equal schooling until Black women have the highest rates of were not seen as equal to their white meaning that a larger population of Blacks will Brown vs Board in 1954 etc participation in the labour force among all counterparts enter the workforce in the future The Access discriminationoccurs when people are women In addition married Black organizational pursuit of fairness and equity For many years Blacks in the denied employment opportunities or access to jobs women are more likely to be employed can reduce discriminationrelated stress that military were restricted to jobs such based on their sex race age and other factors because their husbands lower earnings Blacks experience while also increasing their as janitor clerk cafeteria worker and unrelated to productivity Blacks experience access compared to White men Researchers access to health care and also reducing poverty labourer even when they were discrimination based on stereotypes prejudice found that employers expected Black Blacks and other people of colour are also qualified for higher jobs It is not stated instructions to discriminate skin tone Studies women to miss work more because of often concentrated in occupations with higher difficult to imagine the consequences found that 20 of the time Blacks and Hispanics their children When they did not and risks of injury or death more than Whitesof such restrictions lower pensions experience access discrimination in comparison to were reliable workers employers reduced ability to provide for a In 1940 77 of Blacks and 262 of Whites their White counterparts attributed this to being desperate for family and failure to acquire skills had completed at least high school but by income rather than to having a true work Namebased discrimination a form of access transferable to better postmilitary 2008 83 of Blacks and 871 of Whites ethic Researchers have also found that discriminationBlacks experi
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