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HRM 3470 Chapter Notes -Performance Appraisal, Content Validity, Job Analysis

Human Resources Management
Course Code
HRM 3470
Mary Jo Ducharme

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Chapter 2
Validity – getting at the truth. The best performance of an individual
that aligns with company’s strategy. Are we getting at what we need to
get at?
The goal of a selection system is to:
Goal is to hire most qualified applicant
Must know what KSAOs are required – known by doing a
thorough and accurate job analysis
Should be based upon testing methods not a gut feeling
Effective Recruitment & Selection:
Identifies applicants with appropriate KSAOs: Knowledge, Skills,
Abilities, Other
Descriptive Statistics
Mode – the most frequent
Mean – the average
Median – middle score
Range – the difference between the highest and lowest scores
Standard Deviation – computed measure of how much scores vary
around the mean
We need to correlate our selection system with performance on the
Relationship between two variables – smoking and cancer
Does not imply one variable causes another – ice cream sales
higher, crime higher. Correlates with weather, doesn’t mean
they cause each other
Correlation coefficient (r) - Ranges from -1 to +1 : -0.9 strong
negative correlation, +0.9 strong positive correlation
Positive correlation – a relationship between 2 variables where as
one variable increases, so does the other. Smoking and cancer.
More studying, better grade.
Negative correlation – a relationship between 2 variables where
as one variable increases, the other decreases. As number of

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children you have increases, satisfaction with marriage, job and
life decreases.
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