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The Point Method of Job Evaluation

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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 3490
Ping Peng

Chapter 7The point method of job evaluation identifies key job characteristics compensable factors that differentiate the value of various jobs develops a measuring scale for each factor scaling the factors and weights these factors according to their importance to the firm1Identifying Compensable FactorsCompensable factor are characteristics of jobs that are valued by the organization and differentiate jobs from one anotherFour main categories of factors in evaluating workoSkilleducation experienceoEffortmental effort physical effortoResponsibilityconsequences of errors value of assets utilizedoWorking conditionsunpleasantness of work environment hazards to physical safety2Scaling the FactorsBreaking down the factors into major categoriesEstablish degreeslevelsscale for each factor that measures the extent to which a factor is present in a jobHigher degree contains more of the factor than the degree beforeNumber of degrees to use for each factor varies
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