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Human Rights and Equity Studies
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HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

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11/20/2012 7:01:00 AM Gender is self expression (performance) not anatomy Sex = body Gender codes is always changing! Gender is not natural and unavoidable. Gender is historically and cross culturally malleable “People who don’t fit these narrow social constraints run a gamut of harassment and violence” Intersectionality : power relations between race, sex, gender come into play together PG 66 “solidarity is built on understanding how and why oppression exists and who profits from it!” difference in our society is to built hierarchy = only for the purpose of power And then blame nature. P 67 – its passing that’s new Huge range of ways women and men express themselves historically … but we are put into rigid boxes She’s the man 1850 – among native society p 68 – missionaries and colonial militaries … the last paragraph NUCLEAR FAMILY wasn’t the case always … communal sociities – instead were matrilineal … inheritance would go thru girls and men would marry in unequal in capitalism …. You see an increase in injustice CHRISTANITY … used oppression to push down lower class anything that was different from their teachings …pagan dwellers were not appreciated Tranvestie – you were tortured … and were suppressed … even thru all of this they still persist history – only stuff will come back – refold racism still exists … we just have a different form of the struggle still existing … ANGELA DAVIS : “its more racist than ever now” positive: groups like transverse keep coming forward Julia serano – spoken word transgendered individual “COCKY” Recent article in Toronto star – because he was a transsexual school refused to let him use the men’s washroom transidentity is coming to the upfront of our community 11/2
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