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York University
Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1930
John Kucharczuk

Tenth Reflection Paper Tutorial Four The health transition: the cultural inflation of morbidity during the decline of mortality - S. RYAN JOHANSSON Ryan Johansson introduces the concept named ‘health transition’, which is currently taking place in majority of the world’s developing countries. The term states the fact that the cultural, social and behavioural determinants of health in a society have a big effect on rising life expectancy. This life expectancy can be expressed during the birth of a new human being, by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the individual’s social environment. The social environment analysis of the many aspects of life such as the cultural, social and behaviour dominants in society would help better predict the life expectancy of the new born baby. This scenario is given the term, the mortality transition, explaining how a better social surrounding can make a difference to the life expectancy. The other situation is described as the epidemiological transition where there is a decreasing proportion of all deaths caused by infectious diseases since the cultural, social and behavioural determinant
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