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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1930
Saeed Hydaralli

The Question of Equity in Health Inequality and Inequity are different concepts - Inequality implies disparities in status, opportunity, treatment, etc. o For Example, as people age – both males and females – their health tends to deteriorate, and it would be unreasonable to expect individuals of all ages to have equal health o We consider differences to categorize people  Doctors great health and their knowledge of health gives them a special status. Not the fact that they merely study, and that is why they are prestigious.  It comes down to the nature of their work, as they promote what is needed and respected - Health is more fundamental than income o Income is an aspect of life, income is nothing without health. In a sense, income is a reward for hard work. - There are natural inequalities in health that may not be considered unfair; ex as people age, their health tends to deteriorate and it would be unreasonable to expect individuals of all ages to have equal health - Achieving complete equality of outcomes in health, therefore, may not be a possible or desirable policy objective Extreme: - BRIC nations (Britain, Russia, India, China) where there is disparity of wealth. As they have more billionaires than other countries. Money is in the possession of few people, however, people are treated based on wealth - OTHER HAND: Canada gives everyone equal opportunity, thus everyone gets a fair chance to inspire everyone equally. Midpoint: - USA: Fees vary a lot based on the funding of each institution (EG. University/College) **(In)equity incorporates an assessment of fairness - An ethical principle. It is normative - References social ju
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