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Human Rights and Equity Studies
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Sex for Visa & Because She looks Like a Child Kamran Zare 211633583 Ladan February/5/2013 0 Dominican Women: The Dominican Republic’s Biggest Export? In Sex Tourism as a Stepping-stone to International Migration, the author writes about Sosua, this country is mostly known for its sex-tourism. Sex-tourism is the organization of vacations to take advantage of the lack of restrictions imposed on sex and prostitution by some foreign countries, one being Sosua which is located on the north cost of Dominican Republic. In this country the sex workers have created a false image where they capitalize on love and romance. Sosua is a poor country, but it is a very popular for Europeans to vacation there. Solely for the sex industry that is available to them in Sosua, which would make this country perfect for the sex tourists. The aspect that is to the advantage of the sex tourists is that Sosua does not work like the other countries that are active in sex-tourism, because it is not involved with pimps or drugs. Women there voluntarily join this industry; the only reason why they join is to survive. In Sosua, due to the poverty people do not get married they just live together. Most mothers in Sosua join the sex-tourism industry because of the financial strains of being a single mother or even motherhood is too much for one to handle in that country, and in the environment that they live in. Women in Sosua have this false hope that one of the sex-tourist will one day give them the security and solidity for a life they dream of, but in order for that to happen they hope that one of the sex-tourist marries them and through sponsorship takes them back to Europe of the “dream”. The problem with that dream is that, it is followed by reality, in this reading it is said that sex-workers face their false hopes once they get married and more to Europe, that is, “fantasy versus Reality”. Like the example in the reading Nanci married Frank and she gave birth to their first child in Sosua, meanwhile Frank went back to 1 Germany with another sex-worker and left Nanci in Sosua. Nanci tried to go to court and get Frank to pay child support, that went on for a month and it stopped, because Nanci could not do much since Frank was in Germany. The concept transnationalism means reaching beyond o
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