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HUMA 1400 Chapter Notes -Hand Puppet, Water Margin

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HUMA 1400
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HUMA 1400
Lecture #11 Popular Culture
What is beauty?
The total pattern of a society
Works of refinement & beauty
=only by educated people?
Popular Culture in the 18th Century
More is known about elite culture -> better recorded
Popular cultural works tended to be written by the elite
The culture of the overwhelming majority of the people (who had less leisure
Private performances in elite households
Public performances, often guild halls
-gongsuo 公所 common trade organization
-huiguan 會館 native-place association
Centered around small local community
-village / clan
-market area
Scenes from Qingming Shanghe Tu 清明上河圖
Cultural Avticities
Religious/social ceremonies
-e.g. Daoists sacrificial ceremonies
Acrobatics martial arts
Travelling puppet shows
-including hand puppet theatre 布袋戲
-e.g. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義
-e.g. Water Margin 水滸傳
-oral storytelling gave rise to literature for the middle brow
-> e.g. Chinas Four Great Novels 四大名著
1. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義
2. Journey to the West 西遊記
3. Water Margin 水滸傳
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