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York University
HUMA 1160

o Meditation 1: October 17, 2011 • -Decarte is going to re-examine all of his formal beleifs. • -In meditation 1: all of the beliefs he is examining are sensory beliefs! • -Theory of perception: is typically called representative Realism. • -The difficulty is that u can only compare your perceptions. It is by examining that we can st try and determine the truth or falsity of our perceptions.(pg 46) Descarte 1 paragraph • -Examination of his principles are to be done systematically. • -Descarte says “ the senses like border guards use guidelines by which to decide if perceptions are true or false. ( principle of evidence 1) ( both leads to error and could lead to error).Therefore given that errors have occurred using this principle of evidence, this principle is rejected. This will all be treated as hyperbolic doubt. These principles of evidence are not articulated by Descarte. • -Principle of evidence (n)- the representative realism assumes but can never prove that there is an external world. Finally, therefore in the last principle of evidence(n), what you will see is that the external world of existence comes into scrutiny, the consequence of this is that descarte is convinced starting with the most naïve of these beleifs and going to the most complex beleifs, the belief that descarte then adopts is that nothing of his former b
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