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HUMA 1780
William Gleberzon

NehanChaudhry Course Code HUMA 1780ID 211095437Date June 3 2013Course Director B GleberzonFrankenstein Mary ShelleyI will be talking about the central idea portrayed in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley As the characters Robert Walton Victor Frankenstein and the creature are isolated socially they being to suffer mentally and emotionally Through Robert Waltons voyage to the north pole Victors pursuit to create life and the creatures hideous appearance it is evident they are all isolated from society In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly the effects of loneliness is similarly displayed through various characters such as Robert Walton Victor Frankenstein and the creature thus revealing that isolation affects one mentally and emotionallyCriterion 1 Loneliness is displayed through Waltons voyage overall demonstrating the risks loneliness provokes on the mental aspect of the mindPoint 1 In quote one Walton is stating his true feelings in a letter to his sister which represents his loneliness Quote 1 I have no friend Margaret I desire the co
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