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History of the Qur'an

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York University
HUMA 1865
Aviva Goldberg

The Qur’an It is the Islamic testament sent by god to the prophet Muhammad. From the time of the prophets prophet hood at 40 years old, to the year of his death, the qu’ran was revealed over that period. In other words, 22years. Similar to Abrahamic religions the verses of the qu’ran were revealed through a medium, in this case the angel Jibrael would transmit these revelations to the prophet. Then the prophet would preach to the people, and it would either be memorized or written down. However, the qu’ran was not fully compiled during this time, it was after the prophets death. Although the verses of the qur’an were memorized and written down, the qu’ran was compiled as a book after the prophethood. The basic structures of the revelations were through conversation with the prophet, and terms such as ‘we” were attributed to God as form “majestic” we. It is not a plural term in this case. There are different interpretations of ‘we” however, scholars have come to the conclusion that “we” does not refer to polytheism, rather strictly monotheism. The term “you” referred to the prophet. Further more, god also reveals verses that are addressed to communities, or to a certain group, or all of humanity. Additionally, once the quran was compiled by the successors of the prophet and his companions, the verses were brought t
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