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2001: Space Odyssey

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HUMA 1905
Peter Fruchter

DAWN OF MAN - 2001 is a observations on humanities past, and future. The dawn of man depicted technology transforming monkeys who were naturally vegetarians, who were than given the tools of technology to kill and eat meat, @ which point the monolith presented it's self. - Monolith = created by alien life forms who purposely set the monolith on earth for “lesser species” to advance, and develop in terms of evolutionary phases - very beginning: boars are invading and eating the apes’ food - attacked by animals, defenseless - senseless, irrational, weak, volatile creatures - when monolith was placed on earth, the apes were terrified of the unknown -  allowed the advancement of those speciesthe use of animal bone to hunt and kill = now the species were eating the animals instead of being hunted by it - first tool - this also brought much harm and danger: group with weapons vs a group w/o weapons = killed one of the apes, showing superiority and inferiority - when the bone/weapon is thrown into the air, scene switches to space technology and ships - the spaceship the bone turned into is not a spaceship, it is a nuclear device hovering over earth. the bone represented the first tool of death and it turned into the ultimate tool of death. - Clearly shows in this film that alien intervention was the cause of our awareness and development. TMA-1 - tv/entertainment in seating - very dull, to the point-straight forward, “fake” social interaction and talking - video calling technology->lost our way of humanity, communicating, etc. - Dr. Smyslov: there is quite serious epidemic broken out at Clavius of an unknown origin - The appearance of the second monolith on the moon triggered another evolutionary phase in human technological advancementsimilar to the apes, these homosapiens were afraid of the unknown and hesistant to touch itit was also deliberately buried; the aliens buried it to trigger the second phase of evolution to see how far the apes have come in terms of technology only mean more advancement - "deliberately buried" four million years ago. Floyd and others ride in a Moonbus to the artifact, a black monolith identical to the one encountered by the apes. The visitors examine the monolith, and pose for a photo in front of it. While doing so, they hear a very loud radio signal coming from the monolith. JUPITER MISSION - Microwavable food - Interviewed by Mr. Amer of BBC 12: Hal 9000 on the confidence and its reliability on the voyage: “the 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made” or “distorted information”, “incapable of error”; enjoy working with people - the brain and nervous system of the ship; controls the video calls with family members, sleeping systems of the ship - HAL asks Bowen a personal question, whether he has second thoughts on the mission, and whether he also b
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