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"The Machine Stops" Notes on the book

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York University
HUMA 1905
Peter Fruchter

The machine stops - 9: life in a hexagonal shape room, like a bee cell; little room; only a chair and a reading desk - the inhabitants are physically unfit (there sits a swaddled lump of flesh- a woman…with a face as white as a fungus) - button for music - life controlled by the Machine (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) - “you talk as if a god had made the machine” - there is no physical interaction between the people in the society; they only contact through video calling - 10: they hate not being able to generate ideas, especially when something “boring” or uninteresting is put forth to themseems as if ideas and the ability to think gives them happiness, pleasure, arousing, etc., and being able to be an individual thinker is highly valued - “the machine did not transmit nuances of expression. It only gave a general idea of people – an idea that was good enough for all practical purposes” - “I want to see the stars again…from the surface of the earth, as our ancestors did, thousands of years ago” - without a respirator and proper protection when visiting the surface of the earth, one would die - there were buttons and switches for everything –food, music, clothing, hot bath, literature, communicationthe room contained everything a man would need - food is terrible - 11: use of lectures, public teaching to express ideas and knowledge - bed too large, complaints were useless because it required changing the specifications of the Machine (the society) - no day/night existed in underground life - The Book = the bible it provided instructions against every possible emergency, what buttons to press in certain scenarios, uncertainty/nervousness/lost emotions then one would consult the Book as it provides comfort instead of “o god”, O Machine - When on feels ill, an apparatus acts as a doctor - 12: secrets, confidential things cannot be said through the Machine because it will alter ones ideas into one that it desires - the book is a religious symbolwhen Vashti was venturing into the unknown she was “clasping the book”, man in the ship to surface of Earth dropped the book and everyone became silent; just as one would when they drop a religious book - 13: vashti feared sunlight touching her, as she lived underground and it was unknown to them - people never touched one another, a custom seemed outdated by the machine - 14:regions, countries, places, are called by their mechanical names (i.e. Asia) - all the rooms, buttons, knobs, every detail in rooms were all the same - 15: homelessness: death by exposure to air – by illegal, unmechanical, punishable actions brave new world, no execution, rather exported to island of choice - Kuno was punished to death for simply walking a rail way tunnel and ignoring the possibility of being struck by a train, that is all - there is no god, but the machine is worshipped as it controls everything - The Committee: to have a way of your own, your own path and individuality is profane - excessive physical strength babies would be destroyed, so there’d be no superior humans where as brave new world, they’d be modified genetically to fit in society and different castes, chance to live - 16: Kuno always wanted to be a father, but the committee refused his notion because his qualities were not desired strong emotions and feelings lead to
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