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Notes - Livy Book 1

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HUMA 2105
Sarah Blake

 Writing about Rome’s history is difficult for Livy  Believes Rome is causing its own ruin, writing of antiquity is an escape  Rome has the privilege of claiming divine ancestry, adding dignity  Has to trace back declining morality “can neither endure our vices nor face the remedies to cure them”  Study is history is a medicine for a sick mind  Rome in love with death both individual and collective  After the fall of Troy Greeks kept hostilities to Trojans except Aeneas and Antenor  Antenor joined forces with Eneti people, and eventually came to be known as Venetians  Aeneas met king Latinus (2 stories of this)  1 – Latinus was defeated and came to terms with Aeneas by offering daughter  2 – Before battle stated Latinus invited Aeneas to parley, led to friendship, gave daughter (private and domestic bond)  Built a settlement Lavinium (after wife Lavinia), had a son – Ascanius  War with Turnus, prince of the Tutuli, won but lost Latinus  Turnus allied with Mezentius (king of Etruscans) who saw the settlement as a threat  Given name of Latins, united people  Attacked Etruscans and won, died  Lavinia holds power until Ascanius comes of age – leaves Lavinium to find new settlement (Alba Longa)  By treaty, the rive Albula (now Tiber) was the boundary of Etruscans and Latins  2 brothers Numitor (older) and Amulius (younger)  Amulius drove out Numitor, stole throne, took niece Rhea Silvia (vestal virgin)  Perhaps believed Mars was the father of her twins  She-wolf saved them, found by Faustulus, gave to wife Larentia  Remus caught and given to Amulius  King killed by plan, Numitor assumed kingship  They left to make a settlement where they were left to be drowned  Remus (Aventine hill) saw a sign (6 vultures), Romulus (Palentine hill) saw (12)  Remus killed – dispute over why this happened  Sacrificed to gods from Alban traditions, but also included Greek ritual of Hercules  Feast between Potitii and Pinarii (late) – no entrails for them at sacrifice  Made lictors (12), possibly because of vultures, or from Etruscan origin (12 communities united to elect king and each contributed one lector)  Invited slaves and poor to join for afresh beginning  100 senators – no more than this number who were in position to be made fathers (heads of clans)  Title fathers (patres) derived from rank  Pretended to celebrate the Consualia (festival for Neptune)  Rape of Sabine women  Wife Hersillia asks for parents of girls to be allowed to live, to forms bonds  Daughter of Spurius Tarpeius – Commander of Roman citadel, tricked by Tatius (king of Sabine’s)  Women end quarrelling  Fear of patricide  Started to take Etruscan territory  Celeres – the Swift – personal armed guard of 300  Disappears in mysterious mist, or killed by senators  Proculus`s story  Without rulers, 10 senators took 5 days are ruler, alternating – period without monarchy (interregnum)  Numa Pompilius – successor to throne – S
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