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HUMA 2310
Lisa Wood

CONSTRUCTING CARIBBEAN CULTURE IN TORONTO: THE REPRESENTATION OF CARIBANA Annemarie Gallaugher An examination of Caribana and Calypso music representation in Toronto press through the analyses of the barriers and other aspects of Caribana which helps to maintain white dominance and racialized images and ideas of the Caribbean in Toronto. History of Caribana -Caribana: began: 1967 & was inspired by the Trinidad Carnival “Metro police Inspector Ernie Beale said barriers erected along the entire parade route this year was the key to the trouble-free atmosphere. "The barricades are working great and the crowd has been real good." (Zwolinske, 1993, p.Al) -page 398 - "control of space is central to the politics of Carnival”: high regulation of the public space in which is to control the “Caribbean other”. “There were a few good moments during last night's Calypso Fiesta ... but only for those who delight in dirty songs. The rest was a bore. It convinced me, for one, that once you've heard one calypso song and steel band number and seen one dance you've seen them all.... This show was supposed to show Torontonians what authentic calypso music with authentic calypsonians from Trinidad is all about. The calypsonians might have came from Trinidad all right, but give me supposedly "unauthentic" calypso singers such as Harry Belafonte any day”. (Thomas, 1966, p. 18) 401 "Police prepare for weekend festival: Olympic Island Security plan to provide quick response to unruly behaviour”-Globe and the mail Themes raised in news reports includes: the economy, violence, the weather or the size of the crowd. Current News article and their themes: - “ In wake of Toronto gun violence, Caribana plans to search  guests”­ Globe and Mail (2012) - “
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