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Chapter 5

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Information Technology
ITEC 1010
Paul Kashiyama

Chapter 5: Electronic and Mobile Commerce and Enterprise Systems Principles and learning objectives • electronic and mobile commerce are evolving, providing new ways of conducting business that present both potential benefits and problems ◦ describe the current status of various forms of e-commerce, including B2B, B2C, C2C, and m-commerce ◦ identify several e-commerce and m-commerce applications ◦ identify several advantages associated with the use of e-commerce ◦ identify the basic activities and business objectives common to all transaction processing systems ◦ discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system • improve sales, marketing and customer service ◦ state the objective of a customer relationship management system and describe of its basic functions why learn? • electronic and mobile commerce and enterprise systems: ◦ Have transformed many areas of our lives and career • sone fundamental change has been ◦ the manner in which companies interact with their suppliers, customers, government agencies and other business partners introduction • e-commerce: conducting business activities electronically over computer networks • business activities that are strong candidates for conversion to e-commerce ◦ paper-based ◦ time-consuming ◦ inconvenient for customers B2B (Business-to-business E-commerce) • subset of e-commerce • all the participants are organizations • useful tool B2C (Business-to-consumer E-commerce) • customers deal directly with an organization • disintermediation: the elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and the consumer • “social commerce”: a section where shoppers can go to see only those products that have been reviewed and listed by other shoppers (ie: facebook) C2C (Consumer to consumer E-commerce) • subset of e-commerce that involves electronic transactions between consumers using a third party to facilitate the process • customers buy and sell items to each other through the site E-government • use of information and communications technology ◦ simplify the sharing of information ◦ speed formerly paper- based processes ◦ improve the relationship between citizens and government • forms of e-government ◦ Government-to-citizen (G2C) ◦ Government-to-business (G2B) ◦ Government-to-government (G2G) m-commerce • mobile commerce relies on the use of wireless devices • the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) ◦ create a mobile domain to help attract mobile user • north america: maturing much later than in western europe and Japan • m-commerce will succeed only if it provides users with real benefits retail and wholesale • electronic retailing: direct sale from business to consumer through electronic storefronts • cybermall:Asingle Web site that offers many products and services at one Internet location. • MRO: manufacturing, repair, and operations (goods and service manufacturing • electronic exchange:An electronic forum where manufacturers, suppliers, and competitors buy and sell goods, trade market information, and run back-office operations. ◦ Many companies distrust ◦ suppliers worries • several strategic and competitive issues are associated with the use of exchanges ◦ many companies distrust their corporate rivals and fear they might lose trade serets through participation in such exchanges marketing • market segmentation: The identification of specific markets to target them with advertising messages. • Nielsen, the marketing and media information company, has developed its Business-Facts database that provides this information for more than 13 million businesses advertising • mobile ad impressions are generally bought at cost per thousand (cpm) cost per click(CPC), or cost per action • price comparison • couponing investmen
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