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Chapter 5

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INTL 4400
David Weitzner

ANy nation can choose to be successful by supporting development of factors affecting a nation's competitiveness. (don't investing in an education, health, etc instead nuclear weapons, army, castles, etc). its a choice! The heart of competitive advantage is innovation = change The innovative company has better/stronger demand conditions - customers who kick their ass and says we want a better product Factor endowments: I sm bored doing the same thing every day You cannot have sustainable competitive advantage without home success Port would say, until Chinese companies develop a strong home market in their product, they will not be successful (cannot sustain business solely on home success (and not exporting) you will not be successful)) YOU ARE NOT BEING PUSHED TO BE BETTER 4 change process - life cycle evolution tiliological - leadership and vision conflict - two organizations going head to head most firms: no clear lines between these four. usually a combination of all four at all time if there are more than one segment in the industry, there can be more than one cost leader Org Design • org design should support overall strategy • if rigid and structured, type of strategy is limited Case • What was the driver of the fraud? what caused it? ◦ how do you control a senior manager who thinks he has the best interests of the firm, but doesn't ◦ was it greed? ◦ not only do your ends have to be morel but also your means ◦ you can't trust th
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