ITEC 1010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Mobile Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management

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Published on 12 Apr 2013
York University
Information Technology
ITEC 1010
Chapter 5: Electronic and Mobile Commerce and Enterprise Systems
Principles and learning objectives
electronic and mobile commerce are evolving, providing new ways of conducting business
that present both potential benefits and problems
describe the current status of various forms of e-commerce, including B2B, B2C, C2C,
and m-commerce
identify several e-commerce and m-commerce applications
identify several advantages associated with the use of e-commerce
identify the basic activities and business objectives common to all transaction processing
discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the implementation of an
enterprise resource planning system
improve sales, marketing and customer service
state the objective of a customer relationship management system and describe of its
basic functions
why learn?
electronic and mobile commerce and enterprise systems:
Have transformed many areas of our lives and career
sone fundamental change has been
the manner in which companies interact with their suppliers, customers, government
agencies and other business partners
e-commerce: conducting business activities electronically over computer networks
business activities that are strong candidates for conversion to e-commerce
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inconvenient for customers
B2B (Business-to-business E-commerce)
subset of e-commerce
all the participants are organizations
useful tool
B2C (Business-to-consumer E-commerce)
customers deal directly with an organization
disintermediation: the elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and
the consumer
social commerce”: a section where shoppers can go to see only those products that have
been reviewed and listed by other shoppers (ie: facebook)
C2C (Consumer to consumer E-commerce)
subset of e-commerce that involves electronic transactions between consumers using a third
party to facilitate the process
customers buy and sell items to each other through the site
use of information and communications technology
simplify the sharing of information
speed formerly paper- based processes
improve the relationship between citizens and government
forms of e-government
Government-to-citizen (G2C)
Government-to-business (G2B)
Government-to-government (G2G)
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