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Chapter 3

KINE 1020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Pubmed, Mammography, Electronic Body Music

Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

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Traditional modern medicine focus on treatment of signs and
symthoms of diseases using evidence based therapies
CAM-group of diverse medical and health care systems practices and
products not considered conventional medicine (medical
doctors..physical therapists)
Often divided into broad of cateogoies of natural pducts, mind and
body medicine(yoga and meditiation) and bodybased practices
Natural products
Dietary supplemnents that are nonvitamins,nonmineral, herbal
and botanical medicines. Include ecinacea, sh oils, st.jogns
wort or shark cartilage. Available in pill form or added to food
Mind and body medcinie
Mediation,yoga,acupuncture,traditional chinese
medicine….example of body medicine. Therapys that promote
visualization and imagery for willing away cancer or diease
beliving that mind and body connected to real and physical
Manipulative and body based practses
Incluses chiropractic medicine and massage therapy. Involve
physical manual manipulation of body to restore health
No evidene to support the uility of these products and
therapies, does not mean they do not work. 3 quarters of
candian adults use CAM will use cam when traditional modern
medicine fail. Many complimentary medicine become
traditional after a lot of testing and acceptance by medical
community like for example spit from lizard used by
traditionally by aboriginal people for decrease in blood
pressure and blood sugar which is e(ective for type 2
diabetes. Chiropractis most common CAM in canda and tried to
become traditional modern medicine cuz of its e(ectiveness.
But becoming modern medicine di+cult cuz it requires
convincing traditiona modern medical care community that it is
e(ective. Some CAM covered by private health insurance plan
but cost a lot. Important to nd right person to do based on
training and experience.vary credentials and experience which
is important for some CAMS
Safety issues with CAM
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