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Sporting Spaces and Health Effects 5.docx
Sporting Spaces and Health Effects 5.docx

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Sporting Spaces and Health Effects The Pan American Games would have security, high tech security to protect the stadium for any terrorists attack, but there aren’t any security members for guests that can pay for first class tickets. The Brazilian military is symbol of their dictatorship. People who have more money are able to “see a new world” a world with clean water, and a colorful environment, they make so much money off the Pan America Games, yet they share with all of Brazil. The stadiums are also built based on Europe and the USA. The people living in the Pan America games, ride fancy buses in and out of the games, even going through pot holes in the ground, but they wouldn’t spend a dime on fixing anything. Developing the Marina they took some local areas and turned into business areas, so not also is the government not sharing with the people but also stealing their land, although those plans got suspended. I get the fact that Brazil wants to attract more people, and by having the games, more people would love to go visit. I just think with all the wealth they have they should at least share a certain percentage to the country. The government also tried to make a welfar
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