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Kine 1000 winter term reading notes 4 articles

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Sports save the world by Alexander Wolff : pg 287 - Olympic aid; charity invoking Sarajevo( city hosting winter games) as a result of the war in Balkans - Johann Olav Koss pledged money to olympic aid and challenged his countrymen to give 10 kroner each for every norwegian gold medal (gave 18 million over 10 days) - Olympic aid, since renamed Right To Play, now reaches 700,000 children in 20 countries during any given week - Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) is a sobering counterpoint, spreading health messages, pacifying communities in conflict, preparing refugees for resettlement and providing what experts consider the simplest means of promoting development: improved status of women - In 2000, Dowdney (light middleweight boxing champion) founded a boxing and martial arts program in Mare called Luta Pela Paz, or Fight for Peace, and5 years later he opened a training and educational center - Tommy Clark (pro soccer) wanted to educate Africans about HIV * embarked on a medical career with residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in HIV research in U.S * launched Grassroot Soccer organization to better educate these citizens involving voluntary counseling and testing tournaments to reach the men who drive the disease - Peace Players International (PPI) spent the past decade using basketball to build bridges among young people in divided communities * In 2005, PPI easily found Israeli Arabs to mix with jewish kids in its programs but palastinian parents wouldn’t let their kids travel to Israel for integrated play - Environmental worker, Bob Munro launched the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) - The Beyond Sport Summit is a three day mixer for all sides of SDP’s triangle : problem, practitioner and patron PLUGGED IN AND REACHING OUT Making the world a better place by Tapscott, D : pg 296 - The “Davos Six” are a global group of activist teenagers (16-19) that devote their time, energy and ideas into making the world a better place: • helped marginalized kids from streets and slums • raised money to build schools and pay teaching staff so that children in poor countries could receive an education • fought racism by helping kids be confident in their identities • provided support for gay kids • improved the environment by planting trees • raised money for a library and community forum for youth in rural Argentina - Net generation has a tool of unprecedented power to inform, engage, and mobilize their generation to help make the world a better place - young people use the media such as social networking sites, music, and widgets because it appeals to the youth due to the fact that media has become a norm for the generation - when tapscott was a teenager, he protested the fact that the Orillia town council banned the Mariposa Folk festival but it was hard because he did not have the proper tools (media) - In university he was able to organize protest the Vietnam war using a printing press (flyers, posters) - Getting the message out requires getting groups of people( activists, civil rights people) to tell others about the issue, “word of mouth” - Social networks can spread information around the world instantly compared to print - In 2004, MTV bought a college TV network called mtvU - Stephen Friedman began a Darfur campaign he heard of Nate Wright who collected and donated money to the people suffering in Darfur - Wright’s action group, STAND, contacted organizations on campuses across US and got students to give up luxury (5$ cup of coffee) to contribute to Darfur campaign - Friedman sponsored 50,000 in a video game that allowed a stimulated version of a person living in Darfur - research done by Harvard’s Institute of Politics shows that the youth are volunteering, raising money, and working with other people to fight poverty, pollution, disease etc. - teens spending twice as much time volunteering for community causes than previous generation teens - Neil Howe argues that individual people are shaped by their generation *Millennials (teens) do things in teams and groups because they want to fill the void left by their individualistic and self-centered baby boomer parents - technology is influencing the way kids think, and the way kids think is influencing how they use and shape the internet and every institution in society - TakingItGlobal is an online meeting place where people, social activists from around the world, could exchange ideas about how to make the world better - Chara
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