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Violence - Hit, Crunch, Burn

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Parissa Safai

ViolenceHit Crunch and Burn Organized Violence and Mens SportBy V BurstynCoercive entitlementwhen men who engage in violence in approved realms such as sport or policing expect respect and rewards for violence displayed outside of these realms o Might equals right survival of the fittest winner take allEx OJ Simpson and Mark Fuhrman supposed racist white officer central to Simpsons prosecution y Actually more similar than theyd think because they share in this coercive entitlementEx Mike Tysonunable to distinguish when violence was ok in the boxing ring not the bedroom y Served time for raping a woman because of his inability to do so o Central to gender race class and biotic hierarchiesAll are physically policed by organized groups of armed and violently instrumental men based on the force majeure o Constructed in military and paramilitary structures and in mens professional sportsMedia exploits this hyper masculinity displays it as charismatic y Makes athletes of violent sports seem like the heroes defeating some enemy o Makes it worse when they are accused of committing violent acts outside of their sport o Breaks the dichotomy of acceptable and unacceptable violencey Never shows that it may be the sport they participate in that gives certain athletes violent tendenciesSanctioned Violence in Mens SportThe similarities between sport and wara shared culture of combat and the competitive organization of force and violence o warformal wars and intimidating institutions like policing security imprisonment which while necessary also serve as instruments of class and race war o In both lawful sanctioned violence is distinguished from unlawful violence by culturally accepted rules and practiced by men as a wholeSports journalism doesnt usually focus on how sports celebrate forcepainaggression o Not always the case example Brunt talks about how boxing teaches you to kick a man when hes down the opposite of what society teachesSport sanctions forms of violence that would be unacceptable outside of the arena or playing field o Ex increased fighting in all levels of hockey and footballIn football the real issue lies with injuries lasting ones not deathsConcussions as also seen in boxing are a huge issue o Sport related brain injuries have increased since the 1980s in football hockey boxing soccer basketball and baseball
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