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Coaching and Power

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Parissa Safai

Coaching and Power The CoachAthlete Relationship How Close is Too Close By S Bergmann Drewe Author uses research from professorstudent relationships as not much research has been done on coachathlete relationships o Keep in mindcoachathlete relationships tend to be even closer even on a professional levelThe Relationship ContinuumOne endrelationship is strictly that of a coach and an athlete other endcoaches and athletes who have formed sexualromantic relationships o Varying degrees of friendship lay in between When Coaches and Athletes are Intimate2 main danger areas when coaches have romanticsexual relationships with their athletes o The power differentialPertaining to a position of expertise not an area as would be seen in any relationship y Relationship cannot possible be equalProblem questionable possibility of true consent y Can an athlete make an autonomous free informed choice to become involved in an intimate relationship with hisher coach when the coach has the power to cut himher from the team add extra training sessions etc
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