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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Notes - The Body as Machine.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Parissa Safai

The Body as Machine The Body Snatchers and Dr Frankenstein Revisited Social Construction and Deconstruction of Bodies and Sport By Mary E DuquinThe Ethic of CaringFeminists sayo The ethic of justice may not contribute meaningfully to moral dilemmas that do not involve legal rights o Many moral concerns are not issues of fairness o The ethic of justice often fails to incorporate the importance of needs and emotions social relationships and responsibilities and sensitivity to contextspecific circumstances o THERE ARE MORAL VOIDS IN THE DOMINANT ETHIC OF JUSTICEAs a result theorists focus on the ethic of careEthic of carepractices demonstrating concern for the protection growth health and wellbeing of yourself and others o In sportpeople must assess how their contributions affect the climate of and the ethical ideals in sport Sport educatorsscientists affect the social construction of 3 categories of bodies of sportmay diminish the ethic of careProduce a body of knowledgeAssist in constructing the bodies of athletesContribute to the creation of the body politicThe Body of KnowledgePoststructuralist the
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