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Chapter 1

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 2011
Gillian Wu

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Chapter  1  Homeostasis:  The  foundation  of  Physiology     -­‐Physiology  is  the  study  of  body  functions     Teleological  approach:  Explanation  of  body  functions  in  terms  of  their  particular   purpose  in  fulfilling   bodily  need  ;  that  is  “why”  of  the  body  processes.     Mechanistic  approach:   Explanation  of  body  functions  in  terms  of   mechanisms  of  action:  that  is  the   “how”  of  events  that  occur  in  the  body.       -­‐Plasma  mem  control  movement  of  materials  into  and  out  of  the  cell.     Basic  Cell  Function  (read  slides  for  basic  func tions)     Specialized    cell  functions:     -­‐Gland  cells:  Secrete  digestive  enzymes  that  help  break  food   -­‐Kidney  cells:  Eliminates  unwanted  substances  in  the  urine   -­‐Muscle  cells:  Helps  in  muscle  contraction   -­‐Nerve  cells:  help  the  cells  to  respond  to  their  surrou nding  environment  (nerve  cells  in  ear  can   communicate  with  brain  about  the  outside  environment)      (see  slides)     Electrolyte  is  a  "medical/scientific"  term  for  salts,
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