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Chapter 4

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

KINE 2049- Chapter 4- Literature Review  Literature review- the process of searching for information on a topic and then presenting a summary of the current state of knowledge o Purpose- to present a summary of findings from published research o Crucial skill for researcher is to effectively and efficiently find and evaluate info on a topic  Journal articles are the most common and accessible information o But are not as effective when the topic is unfamiliar to you o Best to start with a source that can compile, summarize & organize research articles in a systematic way Searching for information  First step should be to look it up in the Library of Congress o This will help you find subject headings to make it easier for looking up info o Always start with the most specific heading you can identify  Use subject headings to search for the Subject card catalogue to identify holdings for your topic  Ask the reference librarian to help  Boolean operator is a term that limits the scope of a search (and, or, not) o You can also limit using dates, language, and author  A good strategy is to look up recent reports then look up related reports Traditional Information Resources  Resources that have been relied on for many years o Abstracts, indexes, reviews  Abstracts- references books- give reference info and brief summary for research reports o Contains - title of article, author, where it can be located, and summary o Dissertation, Medical, Psychological, Sport Abstracts  Indexes-reference books that just give article reference info but no abstract o Indexes and abstracts are located in the Reference Department in the library o Each index has a How to use  Reviews- bound collections of reports in a summary about a broad range of info on a specific topic  Journals and books o Journals are published usually quarterly, some monthly, and some less frequently o Journals and books are usually organized by Call Number  Digital Info Resources o Resources change every day a
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