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Chapter 1-2

Kine 2050 Chapter 1-2 Textbook Notes

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2050
Merv Mosher

Kine 2050 Chapter NotesChapter 1 Introduction 11 Why Learn StatisticsScience consists of observation and observation consists of measurement the result of measurement is numerical dataScientists observe in order to understand the relations between events thus discoverStatistics is a methodology for extracting information and meaning from numbers and for making decision about themIt is important to learn statistics because you can easily be led astray if you cannot see through flawed uses of statistics or do not know how to ask intelligent questions Statistics in AdvertisingMy group has 30 less cavities with this toothpasteask 30 less than whatAsk if the group had 30 less teeth or how many people were in the studyMajority of women preferask how many women were in the study what if there were only 3 and 2 proffered 12 What is StatisticsPurposes of statistical methods 1 Descriptive Statistics Consists of techniques for organizing summarizing and extracting info from numerical dataMean median mode standard error are all descriptive statsDescriptive stats are the first stage on analysis 2 Inferential StatisticsInvolves generalizing the findings beyond the immediate observationsThe body of rules and procedures by which general statements are made about peopleevents based on observation of a fewA scientist studying behavior cannot observe every person is limited to a small number of cases so the objective is to make general statements about the event or personThe acid test for how well we understand something is our ability to predict when under which condition it will happen againStatistics provides us with procedures that help for making prediction based on observed data Statistics the body of rules and procedures for evaluating and making decisions about the outcome of scientific observation Chapter 2 Data 21 What Are We Talking About Important DefinitionsPopulation consists of all organisms objects or events of a specific typePopulation membership must be clearly defined so you can be sure whether something belongs or not to that populationsDefinitions should be
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