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Chapter 3

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 3Social and Motor DevelopmentSocializationA process of learning and social development which occurs as we interact with one another and become acquainted with the social world in which we liveSocial role behavior that members of a particular social group expect in a particular situationNorm set of expectations about behaviorSelfesteem development and physical activitySelf esteem how much we believe ourselves to be competent successful significant and worthy or how much we life ourselvesSelf concept our perception of ourselvesPhysical activity improves self esteemPeople gravitate towards movements that their good at and shy away from those where their ability is limited and this creates a negative cycle of inactivity dont practice get worseDevelopmental coordination disorderDCD kids perform worse on motor tasks than their age matched counterparts and achieved lower scores on measures of scholastic and athletic competence and how their perceive their own appearance and how they behavedChildren with lower levels of motor development are at risk for behavioral emotional and social problemsFine motor skills affect scholastic competenceGross motor affect athletic competenceSelf worth is affected by scholastic competence and athletic competenceGlobal self worth overall value that one places on oneself as a personChildren can express their feelings of self worth at age 8Age 812 they develop the ability to distinguish among scholastic and athletic competence peer social acceptance physical appearance and own behavioral conduct
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