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Chapter 10

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 10 Infant Reflexes and StereotypiesImportance of the Infant ReflexesDuring the last 4 months of prenatal life and the first 4 months after birth a human beings movement repertoire includes movements that are reflexive that is each movement is an involuntary stereotyped response to a particular stimulusThe reflexes are involuntaryMost reflexes will occur subcortically which means below the level of the cortex of the brainInfant Versus Lifespan ReflexesThe infant reflexes do not last much beyond the first birthdayThey do not completely disappear they are inhibited by the maturing central nervous system and integrated into new movement behavioursAll reflexes that endure throughout the lifespan in normal healthy individuals are called lifespan reflexesRole of the Reflexes in SurvivalThe infant reflexes used predominantly for protection nutrition or survival are the primitive reflexesThe primitive reflexes are those that appear during gestation or at birth and are suppressed by 6 months of ageSucking reflexoral sucking action when the lips are stimulatedSearch or rooting reflexelicited when the area of the cheek close to the lips is stimulated the infants head turns in the direction of the stimulationLabyrinthine reflex if an infant is in prone position the infant elevate the head restoring the head to a position more conducive to breathing Role of the Reflexes in Developing Future MovementReflexes related to the development of later voluntary movement are known as postural reflexesPostural reflexes are thought to be a basis for future movements that unlike the reflexes emanate from a stimulation initiated by the higher brain centersSome reflexes are believed to be directly integrated modified and incorporated into more complex patterns to form voluntary movements ex Stepping reflexReflexes play a dominant role in the regulation of degree strength balance and distribution of muscular toneThe Reflexes as Diagnostic Tools
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