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Chapter 6

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 6 Effects of Early Stimulation and DeprivationEffects of Early StimulationIncreased knowledge concerning child development and the idea that the environment influences human behaviour have motivated parents to seek all possible advantage for their childrenEmphasis on achievement so early may hamper the emotional physical or creative aspects of the childs developmentFactors as the childs age and type of stimulation as well as the parents and childs attitudes are critical factors in the success or failure of programs involving early stimulationPrograms to Enhance Early Motor DevelopmentBecause of popularity new programs are evolving regularly by qualified or sometimes unqualified persons to fill the consumer demandTwo programs design categories to stimulate or optimize early motor development no programming and programmingNoprogrammingincluding programs that do not emphasize the specific practice of future motor skills through development exercises specialized equipment or a motor curriculumThe main advocate was Emmi Pikler she believe withholding instruction until an infant learns early body controlShe believed that the babies will learn from their own activity and when given the chance will spend time learningThis program suggests leaving infant on their backs until they themselves can change the positionToys are placed near the child to stimulate movement activity but are not placed too near or handed to themChild wouldnt be placed in a sitting or standing position until first capable of attaining that position aloneHardsoled shoes are discouraged until the baby can walk unassistedPikler believes that this will assist the baby in acquisition of such early movements as rolling creeping sitting and standing and will enable a sense of enhanced autonomy and competenceProgrammingthe parent takes an active role in moving the baby or the babys limbs during an activityThis plans encourages the use of infant walkers and bouncers because they are believed to believed to facilitate posture and early locomotion
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