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Chapter 7

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 7 Growth and MaturationWhy Study Human GrowthFor most individuals physical growth is a predictable and ordered processUnderstanding these predictable paths will help answer the question as to whether or not one is growing normallyDeparture from the predicted path of growth is usually the first sign of an abnormal conditionAbnormal conditions can include malnutrition endocrine system malfunction heart and other diseases and physical and psychological abuse to name just a fewThese models of motor development were designed to help explain changes that occurs in our movement behaviour across the human lifespanChanges in movement behaviour can be in part explained by constraintsMeasuring Growth in Length and StatureFrom birth2 years or until child can stand unassisted total body length recumbent length is measured while the child is supineSpecial slide ruler is used to measure distance between vertex highest point of skull and the soles of the feetMeasurement should be recorded to nearest 01 cm or 18 inch for bothWhen child can stand standing height stature the distance between the vertex and the floor is preferredTriangular headboard which forms a right angle between the vertex and measurement scale is used to increase accuracyFor those who cant stand or have spinal curvature or handicapped use knee heightIndividual bends knee to 90 degrees the blades of the sliding caliper are the placed under the heel and over the anterior portion of the thighPressure is applied to compress the soft tissue before the reading is takenDifferent equation for men and women Growth in Length and StatureZygote measures 014mm diameterDuring 3840 weeks fetus grows 5000 times longer
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