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Chapter 1

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 1Human Motor Development a process in which we pass during the course of life and an academic field of studyChanges that occur in our ability to move and our movement in general as we proceed through the lifespanMotor development definition as a field of study changes in motor behavior which reflects the interaction of the maturing organism and its environmentNewest definition the changes in motor behavior over the lifespan and the processes which underlie these changesWe attempt to improve understanding in 3 areas a we try to present and understand motor behavior with what is happening and why b What this behavior was like in the past C What the behavior will be like in the futureTeam up with other experts from other areas to study and do researchThe Importance of Motor DevelopmentDivide human development into cognitive affective socioemotional motor and physical domainsUnderstanding motor development helps people perfect their movement performance which improves their self concept and makes them more emotionally stableDown syndrome kids have specific motor impairments progress can be made with age and intervention Degree of impairment is related to mental age not chronologicalBiggest delay is in balanceBoys in normal pop perform better in gross motor tasks and girls at fine motor tasksKids with DCD developmental condition disorder improved in ball catching task with practice they were better able to predict ball trajectory with less infoCognitive delays may influence reaction time movement time acquisition of fundamental movement patterns physical fitness and complex motor skill developmentBenefits of motor development study table on page 5 3 points
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