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Chapter 15

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 15 Youth SportsChildren are getting involved at younger age female participants increasing increased disabled participants and greater variety in sports has caused increased sports participationSeveral benefits of sports participation improvements in academic performance physical fitness moral development and self esteem and serving as a general deterrent to negative behaviours such as a tendency toward gang membership and violent behaviourWhere Children Participate in SportsMost sports participants found in agencysponsored sports and in local recreational sports programsWhy Children Participate in SportsImprove skills to have fun to be with friends to be part of a team to experience excitement to receive awards to win and to become physically fitFun most important reasonParticipation Competence Motivation TheoryCompetence motivation theoryindividuals are motivated to be successful in various achievement areas such as sports academics or human relationshipsWhen performance attempts succeed the individual experiences a positive effect which motivates individual to continue presentation individuals low in perceived competence will discontinue participationCoaches and teachers should not only be aware of such developmental differences but also be attuned to the value and type of feedback that is most appropriateWhy Children Drop Out of SportsMost sport dropouts do so because of interpersonal problems or to pursue other leisure activitiesWhen sport participation is not fun there is a greater tendency for children to drop outSustainability of Physical ActivityAs children aged they became less active in sport
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