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Chapter 2

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3340
Nickolas Wattie

Chapter 2 Cognitive and Motor DevelopmentFour domain affective cognitive motor and physicalAll the domain affect each otherSocial economic status was found to affect intellectual status and fine motor performanceGross movement was specifically found to impact several areas of IQ development working memory and speed at which information is processed intellectuallyCognitiveour reasoning intellect thought processes or simply acquiring knowledgePsychomotor or MotorMotorany form of human movementPsychomotorrefers to the domain of human development that involves human movement movements initiated by an electrical impulse from the higher brain centersJean Piaget and Cognitive DevelopmentPiagets clinical methoda system of collecting data by question and answer sessions to understand more fully the process of thinkingPiagets Theory of Cognitive DevelopmentFour major stages sensorimotor preoperational concrete operational and formal operationalNot everyone achieves Piagets highest level of cognitive developmentThe stages are always experienced in the same order and no stage is ever skipped although the rate and degree of completion vary with each childAdaptationAdaptationis adjusting to the demands of the environment and the intellectualization of that adjustment through two complementary acts assimilation and accommodationAssimilationis a process by which children attempt to interpret new experiences based on their present interpretation of the worldAccommodationthe second facet of adaptation the individual attempts to adjust existing thought structure to account for or accommodate new experiencesAssimilation and accommodation always work together
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