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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4010
David Hood

Lab 3 summary Purpose of Lab 3 Estimating substrate metabolism and energy expenditure during exercise
 RQ Importance of ATP Powers all energy-requiring cellular functions Metabolic rate during exercise 10 fold increase
 Production of ATP required by working muscles Relative contribution of each system 1. Type of exercise (long vs short)
 2. Physical fitness
 3. Dietary habits (high carb vs high fat)
 4. State of health (eg. diabetes) Intensity and substrates used Increase intensity, more carbs used
 Energy yield for ATP- regeneration higher with carbs than fats
 Lower intensity for prolonged periods uses fats
 Fats only oxidized in presence of O2 VO2 max - significance Ability of body to deliver oxygen is just sufficient to meet metabolic needs of muscles VO2 max and substrates used Greater VO2 max, greater ability to use fats at any given intensity RQ VCO2 / VO2
 Assumes that gas exchange at lungs reflect
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