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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4020
Roger Kelton

` Antioxida Foods high in Primary Functions Recommend Upper Deficiency Symptoms Toxicity Symptoms nt antioxidant ed Intake Intake level Vitamin Vegetable oils, - antioxidant 15 mg of 1000mg - uncommon - uncommon E (fat nuts, seeds, - protects PUFAS from alpha- - erythrocyte -inhibition of blood soluble) wheat germ, oxidation tocopherol hemolysis clotting soy, broccoli - protects LDLs and per day -anemia - intestinal RBCs discomfort - improves vit. A absorption Vitamin Fresh fruits and -antioxidant: L-ascorbic 2000mg - scurvy Megadoses: C vegetables regeneration of vit. E, acid -bleeding gums - nausea (water- Fe absorption Dehydroasc -loose teeth - diarrhea soluble) Highest: - synthesis of collagen or-bic acid -weakness -nosebleeds -red pepper -cofactor for Men: - -green pepper hydroxylysine and 90mg/day hemochromatosis - orange juice hydroxyproline Women: (too much iron -broccoli - prevents scurvy 75mg/day absorbed from GI - immune system Smoker tract) - synthesis of carnitine, +35mg/da thyroxine, serotonin y Beta- Red, orange, - a weak antioxidant NOT an NONE NONE - uncommon carotene yellow and - effective against essential - Carotenoderma: (fat deep green oxidation in cell nutrient skin turns yellow soluble fruits and membranes and LDLs NO DRI provitami vegetables (ie - enhance immune n for vit. Carrots, system A) cantaloupe -protect skin from UV light -protect eyes Vitamin - stored in liver- essential to proper Men=900u 3000ug -nightblindness -highly toxic A - plant sources vision g RAE/day -Xerophthalmia - birth defects and (fat of provitmain A -preservation of cornea (drying of cornea  permanent damage soluble) carotenoids -protects LDL Women=70 blindness) to liver and eyes -fortified foods -cell differentiation 0ug - impaired immunity - liver should not be ` -sperm prod and - growth failure cons. reg by fertilization preg.wom - Bone growth Seleniu -organ meats -antioxidant; part of the Selenomethi 400 ug - keshan disease – a - selenium m (trace -pork glutathione peroxidase onine heart disease toxicity mineral) -seafood enzyme system Selenocystei - Kashin Beck -brittle hair, nails -nuts -production of ne disease- an arthritis -skin rashes -depends on thyroxine - a thyroid 55ug/day - infertility, soil hormone depression Nutrien Best sources Primary Functions Recommen Upper Deficiency Symptoms Toxicity t ded Intake Intake Symptom Calciu -skim milk - form and maintain bones (AI values) >2.5g - blood calcium is -mineral m ` -low fat cheese/ and teeth maintained by bone imbalances and (major yogurt - regulation of blood Ca level 1000mg/da desorption to meet kidney damage mineral -acid-base balance y (19-50yrs) calcium need ) -transmission of nerve -Hypocalcemia: low impulses 1300mg/da blood calcium, caused -muscle contraction y (9-18yrs) by kidney disease or vitamin D deficiency -not Ca deficiency Vitami -Vit. D2 - required for calcium and RDA 4000 - can occur with - excess n D (ergocalciferol phosphorus absorption 9-70yrs: IU (50 diseases that reduce supplements or (fat ) – found in -regulates blood calcium 600 IU ug) intestinal absorption of fish oils soluble) plant foods levels (15ug) fat - -vit D3 - Stimulates osteoclasts - rickets – bending of hypercalcemia (choleccalcifer - needed for bone soft bones in children : leads to ol) – found in calcification - Osteomalacia – soft, disability and animal - immunity, cell
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