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Textbook Notes for Kinesiology & Health Science at York University (YORKU)

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YORKKINE 2050Merv MosherWinter

Final Review This includes notes taken for chapters 1-11... minus chapter 12 and the other really basic straightforward ones.

OC1770712 Page
The answer is observation: the essential event in any observation is being able to accurately gather measurements which result in sets of numerical dat
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YORKKINE 1020Jennifer KukFall

KINE 1020 Chapter Notes -Iliac Crest, Physical Fitness, Anthropometry

OC249826 Page
Depends on the individual: heredity, environment, lifestyle. Make up a physical state of well being. Divided into 3 components: anthropometry, musculos
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YORKKINE 1000Parissa SafaiWinter


OC38806146 Page
This document was created by the york university chapter of students offering support (york sos) to accompany our kine 1000 exam-aid session. It is int
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YORKKINE 3020Merv MosherWinter

KINE3020 questions readings 1-25.docx

OC9264766 Page
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YORKKINE 1000Parissa SafaiFall

Power- Toward a New Vision: Race, Class and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection

OC249825 Page
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YORKKINE 1000Yuka NakamuraFall

KINE 1000 Chapter Notes -Urban Renewal, Intertextuality, Team Unity

OC13134522 Page
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YORKKINE 1020Angelo BelcastroWinter

KINE 1020- Lab Notes 7-12

OC296537 Page
During exercising student"s rpe and exercise hr will be monitored via radial palpation or heart sensors. Works out major lower body muscles: gluteus me
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YORKKINE 1000Parissa SafaiFall

Sex, Gender and Sexuality - Barbie Girls vs Sea Monsters

OC249825 Page
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YORKKINE 2049Merv MosherFall

KINE 2049 Chapter 1-8: Research Methods Notes chapter 1-8-1.docx

OC39249437 Page
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YORKKINE 1000Hernan HumanaWinter

KINE 1000 Chapter Notes -National Football League Players Association, Ancient Olympic Games, Health System

OC9264743 Page
Copy in works (missing the forde, o. h. (1998) is imposing risk awareness cultural imperialism?) Hit, crunch, and burn: organized violence and men"s sp
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YORKKINE 2049Merv MosherFall

KINE 2049 Chapter 1-5: KINE 2049 Chapter-1-5 Notes

OC31648218 Page
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YORKKINE 3020Merv MosherFall

KINE 3020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-15: Alpha Wave, Beta Wave, Mechanical Energy

OC49128310 Page
Motor control or movement production processes, studied in the neurosciences, Elaborations on above hypothesis = 3 phases involved in manual aiming ski
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